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At this time of global shift, layers are being removed left right and centre. There’s truth telling, there’s illness, there’s wild-desire for healing and peace. It’s clear that, collectively, the human race is OVER IT! Over pretending and keeping sh*z hidden in the shadows. 

This is because it’s time. Time for the unravelling of the old and worn out. Time for the end of pretending that fear-based-living is okay. Time for the creation of the awesome, rainbow-lit world we came to make. 


Are you sick of feeling tongue tied? Sick of being sick, of muffling emotion and being polite? 

It’s time for your truth to out, my friend, and your power to fly. 

We came here to realign – radically –  with mother earth. And this magic requires ALL of you. The world needs your neck untangled, your belly flowing and your gut sending love signals to your brain.

You are a channel. Your body, your soul, your voice. And – as we live through this time of unravelling and rebuilding – we need your channel clear. 

Yesss –  there you are; knowing what you’re here to do, knowing how you want to do it, following what feels right to you, loving your breath, feeling vital and creating our new world. 

So how? How to live this way? How to know your body’s impulses and let them flow?  Well – I’m delighted to share that something’s coming which will support you to do just that. 

There’s another realm that’s been created for you to spend time in, this November,  within which you will hear and honour your body’s language. This is a realm where your felt sense, your truth and your joy come first. And, within which, you’ll effortlessly birth pieces of our new world. 

Entering this realm is easy because – for five days only –  it’s manifesting in the form of

an extraordinary online retreat for listening, rest and revolution

The retreat runs 15th-19th November and you can click here to register for free!

This retreat was created by my dear friend and colleague Ellie Paskell who is a Somatic Soul Coach™, award winning actress and embodied revolutionary. 

Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire is unlike anything that’s come before. All sessions within it are curated to bring your body a delicious truth freeing experience. And, holding space for you are world renowned coaches, award winning artists and throat-freeing revolutionaries .Rest, dance, heal, play; soothe yourself to your next level of being. There’s somatic  practices, music, performance and spine realigning discussion.

And as if all this wasn’t enough – the event is also wound with a world of story. Each day an episode of the story ‘Tabby’s Way’ will be available for you to hear so that, as you journey with your own body, you get to travel with Tabby who – like you – is finding new ways of being as the world shifts on its axis. Join her as she unwinds her being, frees her guts and, together, you’ll be co-creating our new world. ‘Tabbys Way’ has been written and performed by Ellie Paskell and I can’t wait for you to enjoy it. 

It’s time, my friend. Time for a new way of being, healing and creating and I’m so excited for you to embrace this and sign up, free for Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire:

Sign up here: 

See you there!

With love 

Katie ❤

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  1. Ellie Paskell says:

    Thank you!

    On Sat, Nov 7, 2020 at 6:36 PM Reframing Mental distress as a potential catalyst for positive change wrote:

    > Katie Mottram posted: ” > > At this time of global shift, > layers are being removed left right and centre. There’s truth telling, > there’s illness, there’s wild-desir” >


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