Proud Emergee Denise publishes her memoir; Back to Love

Remember Denise who shared her personal journey through adverse childhood experiences in our #Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse Pocket Book?

Well we are proud to announce that Denise has published her whole memoir!


Denise shares;

“Back To Love shares and tells the story of my self-rediscovery, as well as psychological, spiritual,  social and racial healing Journey, undertaken after experiencing, what was then in 1987 called, a Nervous Breakdown. This Mental health crisis – which I go on to more aptly reframe as a Spiritual Breakthrough – was brought on by a range of traumas experienced in childhood and triggered at that time in 1987 by a toxic relationship with my child’s father and a troubled relationship with food, namely Bulimia. This book offers hope and the message that: however ones life starts out, however the world tries to bury one in “statistic, ” that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and there’s THAT SOMETHING inside sooo strong that can help us make it through, begin again, and go on to live a mostly joyous, purposeful, wholehearted and complete life, according to how we choose to experience it.”


About the Author;

Denise is a 55 year old mother of 2 sons and an overjoyed grandmother of 4. She works as a Counsellor in a thriving Private Practice. She has a huge belief in the transformative power of creativity and learning & growing through the sharing of experiences. She is a lover of life who is passionate about mental health and well-being and raising awareness around it and negative impact of Adverse Childhood experiences.

When Denise became a mother at 18 years old, she promised herself that being a mother would be the new start she felt that her life needed at that time, having come out of a childhood which never truly got started. As a young mother she promised herself, and her new born child, that this would be his-and hers’-very best of starts. That decision changed her path and squarely placed her on the road of healing and self-rediscovery, an unfolding and maturation that continues in her life to date and is the subject of her autobiography book, Back 2Love.

Denise also keeps the following blog, sharing insperiences and thoughts on topics very close to her heart:



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