EYE INSPIRE; Emerging Proud through Eye Sight Loss, to be launched on Thursday 8th Oct, World Sight Day 2020

Each unique story included within this book demonstrates resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles at the highest level.  We know that the power of sport can change lives for the better but the powers of self-belief and courage of conviction can help change the world.

Alaina MacGregor, CEO of British Blind Sport

A note about this pocketbook

Are you a visually impaired person who just does not feel that there are any opportunities open to you? Are you a parent of a visually impaired young person, and at a loss for how to encourage your child to believe in themselves? Are you a charity that works with visually impaired young people and believes that hearing experiences of others will help inspire your youth group, or individuals and families you work with? Or, indeed, are you a sighted person who wants to hear amazing examples of triumph over adversity, to encourage you back on the path of positive mental attitude? During these times, we all need positivity, and this book has it in abundance.

In this fifth edition of our Pocketbooks of Hope and Transformation series, you’ll discover many stories of people who have felt just like you: life does not come to a halt or have to be restricted just because it throws a huge challenge our way.

All of these amazing faces experience impaired vision. Many of them experienced delayed or lengthy diagnosis periods, sometimes completely misdiagnosed. Indeed, many have experienced huge setbacks, have felt alienated, and that their life had no purpose or direction.

But all of these people have achieved amazing things, rediscovered and adapted a previous skill, or found a new passion and started to believe in themselves again.

Fancy hearing some positive stories for a change?

Come to the online launch this Thursday, 8th Oct, at 6 – 7.30pm UK – watch live via Facebook at;


You can pre- order the book on Amazon;

Kindle version the Paperback will be available to order any day, keep your eye out!

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