Remember Kathleen Halley Angus? You won’t forget her when you hear her speak

I implore you to listen to Kath’s new piece of art; it’ll hit you right in the feels ❤



Sometimes I like to be impulsive and just say whatever comes, but sometimes I like to really think about it and I discovered there was so much on my mind that I needed to write a book about it.

And so I did. It is called The Midnight Manifesto. It is 12 hours of audio and it is a story about me, my vagina and the Devil, amongst other things. We are living in an existential inversion, ruled by Fear and denial where the most obvious truths of our existence have been silenced by a mindset that wants only to destroy Life. We are being ruled by the Ego and until we dare to face the Truth of what we are our world will become only darker.

We have never been more unfree than we are right now, yet we have never been closer to freedom. Our struggle for equality is a struggle with the Self. Every construct we live by is but a reflection of the unfreedom of our minds and every day we seek justice through our institutions and our careers and our laws is another day of living with walls in the mind, avoiding the path of our ultimately inevitable surrender. We did not come here to live by constructs. We came here to let go of them. We came here to remember that we are One.

I am laced with pain and I have been for over twenty years. A year and a half ago, in a moment of utter desperation, I surrendered and when I did so I could suddenly see the Truth. Six months later I tried to kill myself. I have been ignored and dismissed and deemed crazy by everyone I have turned to when I simply state what is happening inside me. I’m not crazy, though. I’m sane in an insane world. I’m disfigured in a way so subtle nobody would see me coming, but in a way so deep I have lived my whole life feeling like an absolute freak.

And I am a freak, but my freakishness and pain has given me a gift.

We are here to awaken, and though it is wildly uncomfortable to say this (because it is wildly uncomfortable for me to simply exist), I am here to help make that happen. I’m done playing humble. I’m done playing small. I’m done being disrespected and patronised and I am fucking done being ignored.

Writing and recording this book has been the hardest thing I have ever done. It is written from a place of absolutely incredible loneliness. I have wished for years that I could disappear and since I don’t seem to be able to, and since I am a person of extremes, the only other option is to take the spotlight.

I could keep putting this off but every day I do so I feel sicker and sicker and sicker. And if there is one thing I have learned over the last few years it is that there is no time like the present.


On my website is my book, The Midnight Manifesto, plus a bunch of spoken word pieces, plus eleven new videos, The Midnight Show, and some drawings to try to express what has happened to me. I hit a brick wall trying to communicate with people’s rational side. Now I’m going straight for your hearts and souls.


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