A Day in the life of Julian of Norwich; fortnightly story series

One of our regular offerings for the Caravan of Unity bridging events is this story series based on the theme of ‘Awakening’;

A Day in the life of Julian of Norwich; fortnightly story series hosted by ISISIALLTHINGS

Julian of Norwich was a 14th Century mystic and visionary who understood the power of mindfulness and contemplation on our higher nature and sense of gratitude for life itself.  She became fully awakened when she had an NDE (near death experience) at 30 and was shown the totally unconditional love of the Source of all that is. The 16 visions she received sustained her spiritual inner world for over 40 years in self- isolation through many plagues, during which time she was inspired to write a book, “Divine Revelations of Love”.

Part 3 “God Works in Mysterious Ways”

What was an Anchorite and why was she not beholden to the Catholic priests?  Find out how she was regarded as a mystic with a direct connection to God after her religious visions of Christ’s Passion and how she came to be in a position of religious emancipation as a woman. She used this advantage and her education to secretly write a book about these shewings, “Divine Revelations of Love” which she kept hidden and handed over to the Benedictine nuns for safekeeping at her death as she explains in this story today.


Follow the blog to keep updated on this story series, Part 4 will be shared on 23rd June.


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