Tomorrow! Manish set to perform a live Voice Bath and healing mantra session for the Caravan of Unity bridging events

We are delighted that, as part of the #EmergingProud bridge to the #CaravanofUnity 

Multi-instrumentalist Manish from Barcelona will perform an

Online Voice Bath with Healing Mantras 

FRIDAY 5th JUNE at 7pm UK, 8pm CET 

Via Facebook live HERE

photo Manish suiza

About Manish

Born and raised in Hindu Family in Kathmandu, Nepal, composer and multi-instrumentalist Manish first got caressed by musical sound in his childhood. It was then, when he first discovered that he had a voice to sing as a gift given by the nature and was attracted by the sound of guitar (which he still plays) at the age of twelve. Taking private lessons in music theory, he soon began playing and singing with friends in School and home town.

As a keen explorer of music and of various cultures, to develop his musical horizon, he joined and graduated in Ethnomusicology which included the study of world music and music of ethnic groups around the globe. In this course period, he got introduced to Nepali and Hindustani Classical music and specialized in Sarod (principal instrument of Nepali and Hindustani classical music) and vocal under the guidance of his teacher Suresh Raj Bajracharya and Prabhu Raj Dhakal (Famous musicians of Nepal).

In 2002 learned Stato Dynamic Yoga and meditation in Hansada Yoga Ashram with the disciples of Swami Satchitananda Vishuddha Dev and continues to practice Stato Dynamic Yoga.

He now dedicates in making “World Fusion Music” a combination of World music, diverse cultural sounds and also dedicates in singing Hindu Mantras. Beside this, he also makes ambient music which creates the ambience of Harmony.

Sarod, definitely has a deep relaxing healing sound. It is said that the origin of this instrument was from between Persia and Afganistan, for the researchers found a similar looking instrument, much more older than Sarod named as Robab/ Rebab. Only difference these both have is that the Robab has movable frets on it and uses Nylon or gut strings.

His concert is a sacred and mystical journey (Moment) evoked by the Ragas, World music, Mantras, Voice, Healing sounds. Manish describes “Ragas” as “profound subliminal feelings evoked by the selected musical notes, which enraptures us and lets us experience ambience of peace. It is like as if we are inside a room whose walls are made by musical sound and painted by musical colours. We live the ambience inside, we sense the sentiments provoked by the musical notes and we are aware that something deeper, beyond words, is happening.

As explained by the attendees, His concert is a tender encounter interwoven by musical sounds where the listener experiences a glimpse of timelessness and peace, offering gratitude to Nature and magnificent magical experience called Life.

Manish has participated in various festivals and Fairs like Festival Gong (Spain), Homenaje a la tierra (Spain), Festival de Yoga (Spain), Sun Sun Love (Spain), Angsbacka yoga festival (Sweden), Yoga Mela (sweden), Mind Body and Spirit (Cyprus), Conscious Concert (Ireland), Let there be Om Festival (Switzerland) and continues playing and singing to spread the sound of peace worldwide.

Follow Manish via FACEBOOKwhere he performs live events

His website;

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