For those of us who have experienced an individual spiritual emergence process and hold the perspective of what the world is currently going through to be a transformation process also, it might feel slightly easier than it does for most right now. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going through the cycles of fear and grief, frustration, anger and despondency also. These emotions need to be expressed…

For those of you who might find it helpful to document your emotional rollercoaster of COVID-19, Dr Kylie Harris has an amazing opportunity for you. She says;


I am hoping to create a sharing hub for people to journal their experience of Covid-19 in real time and share updates. I believe this could contribute to the development of a collective consciousness around this current crisis, which may then offer a blueprint for navigating the climate crisis. I also believe the SE(Y) community is a unique one to mobilise for such a cause, given their familiarity with crisis and trauma. I think many will be particularly triggered during this crisis (as I personally am) but also mobilised and awakened.

The theme of trauma as a catalyst for transformation resonates with me, as does the idea of truth and reconciliation.

Especially here in Australia, reconciliation is a huge issue. I hope to delve deeper into working with our First Nations people. As the oldest continuing civilisation on the planet, I believe they are key to helping us navigate the current Covid-19 crisis, as well as the longer term climate change crisis. There is so much untapped wisdom but also deep trauma that must be reconciled. The more I reflect upon the current crisis, the more I wonder whether the degree of trauma experienced by each country will reflect the degree of trauma that must be unearthed and healed. If so, we are in for a rough ride here down under..



I have uploaded 2 diary blogs so far, as well as an eclectic mix of academic research, interesting articles, positive philosophical messaging, and some comic relief. This is my own eclectic way of coping and I hope it resonates with others 😉

This event is triggering people to the core. Especially those who are already “WAKING UP”… I believe we can help wake up the rest. But we need to help one another to work through the collective trauma that this experience is unearthing.

Unfortunately, this may be a necessary global trauma. The world needs reconciliation and healing, for which trauma is often a catalyst. It’s pretty sobering and humbling. But, while we are in lockdown, global emissions are going down. This means that as we hurriedly implement strategies to deal with the COVID-19 crisis, we are creating the necessary infrastructure to also deal with the climate crisis.

I believe that the way we deal with COVID-19 can provide a blueprint for how we can effectively address the climate crisis. There are many parallels. Yet, we are responding far more swiftly to COVID-19 because it is an ACUTE crisis. It is here, we have no choice but to adapt. Quickly. Whereas, the climate crisis is CHRONIC. It still seems abstract to many.

I am feeling this crisis like many others will be. Very deeply and traumatically. Some days I am struggling to maintain my sanity, while other days I am feeling more alive than I have ever felt. It’s a roller coaster.

I have started documenting my experience in real time. I feel this is the kind of event that warrants such a project. I want to appeal to you to share your story too. Here is Part 2 of my experience:

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Dr Kylie Harris is a research psychologist and activist. Her doctoral research is in the area of spiritual emergence(y) and she continues to advocate for this community. She has published peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on topics such as mediumship and shamanism. Kylie has a passionate interest in indigenous rights and shamanic healing, as well as the climate crisis. During this time of change, she believes these themes will converge, highlighting indigenous wisdom as the lifeblood of our planet, necessary to address the current crises we face, and the role of the spiritual emergence(y) community to lead this effort.

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