Shannon now embraces what was labelled as psychosis as a divine healing process leading her to her authentic calling

Not understanding her profound experiences as clairvoyant gifts, Shannon was diagnosed with psychosis and put on medication which left her feeling ‘dead inside’.  The shame at receiving this treatment meant Shannon kept herself hidden away until she was validated and supported by mentors who understood what was happening to her.

Like Shannon discovered, when our authentic gifts are allowed to flourish, we can support others to embrace their own; is this part of the shift happening in humanity today? Can stories like Shannon’s finally help to change the narrative around what is perceived in the Western world as ‘mental illness’? …

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In 2008 at the age of 28 my clairvoyance, the ability to access and see beyond the field of ordinary perception, opened in a very intense, fast and fierce way. What seemed like overnight, I was hearing voices that were not coming from anyone here in the physical world, seeing spirits, receiving a flood of messages and accessing other dimensions. Although at the time I had no idea THAT is what I was experiencing. At the time I was living a very normal, typical physical world life with no understanding that clairvoyant abilities truly existed, that they ran in my family, OR that I had those abilities within me.

At the time that this was happening I was trying SO hard to figure it all out, to make sense of it in the physical world sense. Where were the voices coming from? What did the messages mean that I was receiving? They had to be coming from somewhere… from my radio, my phone, my GPS. Surely the voices had to be coming from someone that was hiding somewhere. AND THE more I tried to “figure it out” the more my mind ran non-stop, the more chaotic it became and the more I felt truly tormented by what I was experiencing.

For four days straight, 24/7 I was hearing many voices and seeing things that were not of the physical world. I did not sleep at all during this time. I was also seeing people who had passed, were in spirit form and they were communicating with me telling me that I “did not belong here”. I now realize they were telling me I did not belong in their dimension.

This process was initially diagnosed as Psychosis and from a Western medical system standpoint that IS what was happening. Deep within myself I knew there was something much more going on. What the doctors were telling me was just not adding up to what I had experienced. People have asked me if I was taking any drugs during this time. The answer is NO. Although leading up to this time was a period of extreme stress in my life that may have been a trigger for the emergence. I can also look back after knowing what I know now and see several months before the emergence my kundalini energy was rising so strongly. At the time all I knew was that I could run for miles, could sleep very little and had SO much energy. Many times I felt like I needed to bring myself down a notch in order to not be TOO much for others around me and did that by drinking alcohol. I also know now that when I took the alcohol away and started to clean out my system after a few months of experiencing the kundalini energy rising, that is when my clairvoyance opened so intensely.

I was admitted to the hospital after being taken to the ER after 4 days of trying to navigate this intense experience. I was hospitalized for 10 days and medicated for 6 months after this experience. That time was one of the darkest times of my life as I truly could not FEEL anything due to the medication that numbed me completely. I was in zombie-like state some of the time and just getting up to go to work a few days a week as well as eating and sleeping. I was truly just trying to survive and make it through. I also gained a lot of weight quickly from the medications which just added to feeling more lethargic and drained of life force. I was also experiencing a time of deep depression and feeling like I needed to hide away. To those around me it seemed like I was pulling through just fine. But within me was a completely different story. I felt dead inside.

Six months into being medicated an earth angel appeared in my life. My chiropractor who I had been seeing before, during and after this pulled me aside one day and told me he could see I was losing all my life force because of the medications. He said if I was ready to get off of the medications he was going to be the one to help me. I was SO READY and got off all my medications within 3 weeks. I am also very clear I had huge help from my angels, my guides and the spiritual realm during this time. They were so clearly protecting me, guiding me and assisting me in getting off the medications.

My life took a drastic turn once the medications starting leaving my system. My clairvoyance reopened and this time it was in the form of strong overall knowing and clear intuition rather than seeing spirits and hearing all the voices. It was much more manageable when it reopened. The first prominent message I received was to leave my career as a dental hygienist and to go to massage school. I could not deny that guidance and took the appropriate action to do so. I left my career and was in massage school a few months later. This turning point was my entrance into the healing arts and eventually into the profound truth that I am a healer here.

I can’t explain exactly why this happened at the age of 28 but I do know that I was born into this world as a highly sensitive person and have had these clairvoyant abilities buried within me my whole life. Although these abilities had never been expressed, acknowledged or accessed before this time, I can now look back and see the messages and signs that were coming in before the emergence guiding me to leave my career. And I do know now, looking back, that this process was God, the Divine, calling me to take a different path and do the work I came here to do as a healer.

The emergence happened I believe as a catalyst to send me on a powerful spiritual journey, to find another way and to begin to discover my truth as a healer here. The last 11 years have been navigating that journey. For the first several years after the emergence, I still claimed the truth of “mental illness” and kept myself hidden from the world, denying this story as well as all my abilities of clairvoyance. Through a series of divine orchestration, I found my spiritual teachers and other healers years later who could help guide me and allow me to understand that truly I was one of them. I began exploring and strengthening my abilities even more. This has led me to doing powerful emotional healing work with others as well as developing and leading workshops, online programs and training other healers. I am now beginning to speak around the country sharing this story and the wisdom I have gained in order to help others find their power and truth as well. I am also very passionate about supporting the other healers here in coming out of the spiritual closet and assisting them in their RISE.

Shannon Sondrol, Arizona

Find out more about Shannon and her work here:

Shannon Sondrol is a Healer, Messenger/Channel and Spiritual Teacher – 11 years ago Shannon has the intense experience of her clairvoyant abilities blowing open in a process known as spiritual emergence. Shortly after, she began a powerful spiritual journey into her own healing and understanding her powerful connection to the spiritual realm. She now uses her abilities to speak and teach workshops around the country (USA). She is passionate about guiding others to remember who they truly are on a soul level as well as through their inner healing and spiritual awakening processes.

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