#Emerging Proud through Disordered Eating, Body Image and Low Self- Esteem Book due to launch on 12th July

In celebration of the launch of our 2nd Pocket Book of Hope in the  #KindaProud series #Emerging Proud through disordered eating, poor body image and low self-esteem, our Rep Amy and her awesome SoulShine team will be hosting a gathering of people to celebrate body diversity, inspire self-acceptance and build community.

Join us – it’s FREE and any BODY is welcome!

12 July 2019 from 10:00-16:00

The Forum, Norwich, United Kingdom

The SoulShine team explain the aim of this inspirational festival…

A note about this KindaProud pocketbook…

Have you ever felt ashamed of how you look, unworthy or somehow not ‘good enough’? Do you find your self-critical voice running the show and keeping you small? Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin, used food either as a comforter, or as a form of self-harm? So has everyone in this book.

In this second edition of our Pocketbooks of Hope and Transformation series, you’ll discover 16 stories of people who have felt just like you. From eating struggles, body-image challenges, feelings of being inferior or even in the wrong body, these stories showcase ordinary people from across the globe who all experienced issues with eating, body image and low self-esteem which pushed them to make drastic changes in their lives. For many, their experiences were an invitation to step powerfully into a life of greater self-compassion, meaning and purpose.

Join us on the 12th July in Norwich to connect and leave feeling uplifted and inspired…


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  1. Tammy says:

    What I’ve read sounds awesome.

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