Can Madness save the World? Breaking Down in the Service of Breaking Through

Do you remember Dr Paris Williams from the #EmergingProud film? Paris is a Clinical Psychologist from New Zealand who wrote ‘Re-thinking Madness’ after his own brush with ‘psychosis’. Paris and I have recently reconnected with regards to our unfolding work; as Paris says, things are emerging organically into a form that could never be fully predicted but which is perfectly in line with the manifest destiny of the cosmos… 


It appears that there has been a deep messianic calling passed down in my family through my mother’s side–an all too clear recognition of how misguided, destructive and generally disconnected from heart and our mother Gaia the human race has (collectively) become. And this awareness appears to come along with an intense longing to do something about it. I have to say that this sometimes overwhelming awareness/calling has been a factor in our venturing into extreme states, at least speaking for my grandmother, my mother and myself (I’m not sure how far back this pattern goes).

Anyway, with diligent dedication to mindfulness practice, continued embodiment and self-care, I’ve managed to integrate these experiences into a more grounded and functional form in my life. But the rich yet painful awareness–a “tender heart of sadness”–and an unrelenting calling have remained with me, and its most current manifestation has been the development of the Centre for Non-violent and Conscious Living.

I’ve always been a firm believer in the principle of organismic wisdom–simply set up the conditions and trust the intrinsic wisdom of life to flourish. I liken the CNCL platform (as initially manifested in the form of this website) to an “imaginal cell,” those mysterious and wonderful cells that remain active as a caterpillar disintegrates into amorphous “goo” during its pupal stage, which guides its transformation into the much more resourced butterfly.

I believe that our society needs (and has!) many imaginal cells that can contribute to the transformation of human society from an over-consuming and blind “caterpillar” to a very lightly treading, pollinating/nourishing, harmoniously living “butterfly.” I think the key with such imaginal cells is that they are not overly directive (or directed) but simply create the platform from which the wonders of organismic wisdom can weave its magic and creativity, ultimately allowing the organism to emerge organically into a form that could never be fully predicted but which is perfectly in line with the manifest destiny of the cosmos.

We have finally launched our website!

…I’ve reposted my classic article that provides an overview of the key concepts that first led me to embark upon the development of this charity:  “Can Madness Save the World?”

facebook page:

linkedin page:

…and don’t miss our “Plant-based” page–an enormous project but well worth the effort!  (…and our complete Conscious Living Resolution–with gratitude to Matt Bear and Nonviolence United for the initial spark…)

…and here is a new article I just posted that some of you may enjoy:  “Will our Domination be Our Downfall?”

Amazing work Paris… what magic manifests when we let go and trust the great unfolding! ❤

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