KindaProud pocket book of HOPE 2 is set to be launched at SoulShine’s ‘Thank you Body’ festival on 12th July!

Remember our shiny Soul Amy, Rep for the 2nd pocket book in our KindaProud series; Emerging Proud through disordered eating, body image and low self-esteem?

Amy Rep picture

Amy’s on the look- out for ordinary people with extraordinary stories to share in her book. This is what she’s been up to recently on her search;

Last weekend we (SoulShine) attended the Bodykind Festival which was packed full of Body Positive speakers, inspiring panels, open discussions and lots of dancing!
It was colourful, vibrant and filled to the brim with so much kindness.
The knowledge that people had come from all over the country to be there felt so special. To know that everyone in that hall, both attendees and speakers, were changing perspectives about body image, about how we treat ourselves and each other would then go back to their little corner of the world and spread a little of that empowering message.
So much passion and energy in that room was fuelled by support, laughter, connection and this common understanding that every single person deserves respect, no matter what size, shape, gender or ability.
It felt like a celebration of humanity in all it’s imperfect perfection. It was so exciting to be in that room listening to people’s authentic and raw stories, with love, compassion and understanding that we are all in this together.
As the weekend went on, I found this niggling sensation of frustration start to rise… I started thinking:
“Why don’t we see this on the news and on the front page of EVERY single newspaper?”
I realised that my little world, is actually a bubble of Body Positivity, from the books I read, the conversations I have with my soul sisters, to my social media feed… I feel really grateful to have that as my “normal” now….
More and more people are discovering this world and the magnificent people in it YES, but there are still SO many people isolated, suffering on their own, walking around thinking that they are the ONLY ones feeling this way, when the truth is, we are all feeling it… struggling with shame, struggling in silence.
We are all in this together and when you speak up, voice your truth and start talking to people you trust, you realise that you are not alone, you can be understood and the burden of carrying that shame can dissipate with just one conversation.
When you share your story with others it not only creates a deeper connection but it also allows you to move forward in an empowering way.
We are on a mission to reach more people and spread the message that it is OK to be who you are, that you are MORE than enough already, that the world needs your gifts and that you are more than worthy of living an amazing life.

Please message me if you are ready to #EmergeProud through any challenges with disordered eating, body image and low self- esteem. Your voice is so valuable and we want you to join us in the Kinda Proud series of Pocket Books of Hope


Please contact Amy at:

Amy’s book will be launched at the ‘Thank you Body’ festival on 12th July in Norwich

It’s free to attend, rock up and BE awesome in your body exactly as it is! ❤


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