“I died into a new life”



I died into a new life.

The day I died into a new life

I heard the sound of absolute silence.

I saw its outlines.

I felt its touch.

I tasted its scent.

The absolute silence is the sound of the soul. 

The chambers of my heart breathe in memories of the future.

They were revived 666 minutes after my cardiac arrest. 

Do you know how misery tastes if you haven’t suffered before?

Do you believe the hungry if you are satiated?

Human life is hidden in the shell of an instant that lasts forever.

The circle of suffering rises in the spiral of eternity.

The mirror image of the human soul is eternal.

The sign of eternity is burned into the heart as an irreversible sign of destiny.

Through love my heart woke up from unconscious.

Now I know we all are here forever.


Thank you to one of our #EmergingProud through NOTEs book contributors, Julia, for sharing her powerful poem with us …

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4 Responses to “I died into a new life”

  1. IvyChayaArt says:

    oh wow! Bravo what an amazing poem and powerful image!

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  2. I can’t make it to this but I wish I could. I look forward to our phone call this week! Much mad love. xo

    Liked by 1 person

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