#Emerging Proud through NOTEs is available for pre-order!

Through Notes cover v3

Everyone in this book has had one, and we want more people to know about them…
NOTEs are little known about and acknowledged in our modern world, but through this book together we are aiming to change that, and to offer support to those going through these challenging experiences… A NOTE (non-ordinary transcendent experience) is a rare and unfamiliar event that takes us beyond our regular understanding of ourselves and the world.
All proceeds raised by the sales these books will go towards buying and dispersing messages of hope, often life-saving, to mental health facilities worldwide. 


Join us on Sunday 12th May for our FREE online launch event by registering here:


Any donations received will buy books for those who may be struggling with the process. 
Could re-framing personal crises as potential growth opportunities, and harnessing the powerful potential of NOTEs not only help us to support them, but also provide a necessary lens into ways in which we can save our species at this time of global crisis?

“Even within the midst of great confusion, despair or turmoil, can we trust that intrinsic within the very nature of our Beings lie the seeds of profound healing and transformation.” Dr Paris Williams

Join us on 12th May for our virtual event and find out why we believe that normalising these experiences is vital for humanity 🙏
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