Emerging Kind Peer Support Group re- launches in Wales

Are you in mid Wales and feeling isolated with your ‘non-ordinary’ experiences?
With huge thanks to our trained Peer Facilitator Caroline, our Emerging Kind Peer Support Group is set to re- launch on Tuesday with a film screening and discussion.
Do go along if you can; as Caroline says, she will be there to journey alongside you…
After a long winter in deep processing and letting go of more layers, my purpose comes clear once more. To hold space for as many people as possible through their time of transition. My long journey through the layers of my being, coming in touch with my soul, and deepening my spiritual connection has come in may guises, with everyone a teacher along the way. 
And so it gives me great pleasure to screen for a second time, the film “Emerging Proud: coming out of the Spiritual Closet”, showcasing many a beloved speaking of their own journey of becoming, and every one reflecting something of my own inner journey. I pray this is an inspiration to many at this time that they are awakening to a deeper truth despite the stigma of being crazy. We are the ones who see and the ones who hear.
So pleased was I to join the training for Emerging Kind as it gave me a safe starting point to begin being of service to the many people undergoing profound transition at this time. Throughout last year I held a peer group, and felt the support of my peers for the first time, safe in the knowledge that not one of them was going to raise an eyebrow or give me a label. My soul has no labels. I am part of the One. As are we all…
Following the screening I will once again provide an Emerging Kind peer support group on the first Tuesday of every month, open to those who feel to share their experiences in the safety of a gentle, caring supportive space, free from labels and limitations.
Join me on Tuesday 2nd April 6.30-9pm at the Friends Meeting House, Temple Road, Llandrindod Wells. A informal discussion will commence after the screening with refreshments provided. Do come along and share your story.
Find out more by emailing me at: carolinemaryandrews@hotmail.com
I look forward to connecting with you.
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