SIGN UP for our online #Emerging Proud day book launch – only 7 weeks to go!

Have you signed up for our #Emerging Proud day 2019 celebrations?


12th May 2019 will see the launch of our Kinda Proud book series, and you’ll get a sneak preview of the first book!

In this first edition of our Pocketbooks of Hope and Transformation Series, we feature 16 stories of people who’ve had NOTEs (non-ordinary transcendent experiences). From challenging visionary experiences to overcoming dark nights’ of the soul, these stories showcase ordinary people from across the globe who experienced something extraordinary that pushed them beyond the edges of their known world. For many, their experiences brought about big life changes – for some their sanity was questioned, but for most they’ve been an invitation to step powerfully into a life of greater purpose and meaning.


What are people saying about this book?

Too many talented individuals have literally been ‘hexed’ into believing they have a permanent pathological brain condition by a culture and mental health system that does not understand the growth potential of a psychological crisis or the potential pathways to recovery.

During the production and distribution of our film CRAZYWISE I have heard from hundreds of individuals who have successfully navigated a severe mental emotional crisis. Many had to take the often disorienting and frightening journey into extra ordinary states of consciousness without any help or guidance. (In fact, CRAZYWISE has now been translated into 16 languages voluntarily by several of these individuals which has allowed it to be seen in 54 countries.)

I have often thought of what we can do to change the common consensus about a psychological crisis from a pathology to an opportunity. How do we support those in crisis and encourage more of those who have navigated a crisis to share their journeys of transformation and come out from under the cultural cloud of stigma and shame to share their process?

By making these initiatory but difficult experiences a cause for pride and celebration of strength and courage this remarkable book series does just that!

Phil Borges

Co-Producer/ Director CRAZYWISE

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