Meet our Kinda Proud Publisher and Ambassador!

Those guys who love the Universe unite! 


Meet Sean, our Kinda Proud Ambassador 

Sean Patrick was a typical Millennial/ Gen Y, living life on the ‘ordinary’ path; going from High School to College to University to his first job in the city. However feelings of anxiety and depression became present in his 20s, with social anxiety leading on to more serious depression.

“Like many people I didn’t know where I fitted into the world, and despite having the things I was ‘supposed to’, I felt unhappy, anxious and unfulfilled.  I felt like I was on a treadmill and scared by the world.” explains Sean.

Sean’s ‘crisis point’ hit when he started to experience severe panic attacks at 22 years old. He had no option to but admit he had ‘mental health’ issues and begin to focus on fixing it. He started by reading books, gaining better understanding of his own mind, and ultimately to a more spiritual outlook on life through daily meditation and adopting spiritual beliefs. After accepting an expat job in Hong Kong and spending half a year away from his ‘ordinary life’, he had the chance to recalibrate, explore meditation and mindfulness, and let go of damaging old patterns and beliefs.

On returning home, Sean set up a blog called That Guy Who Loves The Universe and began to share ideas about spirituality and positive mental health with his following which grew to over 15K. He began to speak at conferences and wellness events all over the world and released an Amazon bestseller in July 2016.

sean's book

In 2017, Sean developed his own wellness company, That Guy’s House, with a main focus on wellness books and mental health projects.

That Guy’s House 

that guy's house logo

Our Values.

To Innovate

To bring you the freshest, most creative wellness ideas from the best out-of-the-box thinkers and game-changers on the planet

To Live

The find the very best methods to live a better, more fun life

To Make a Difference

Give back to the world and leave a positive imprint on the planet.

To Welcome Everyone

Everyone on this planet feels happy, sad, angry… in our house, everyone’s welcome

What we stand for. 




Wellness & Mental Health


After meeting Katie via a synchronistic introduction by our #Emerging Proud through suicide book Rep, Kelly, and finding out more about the #Emerging Proud campaign, Sean knew that bringing their personal experiences and skills together to launch the KindaProud series of books would be the perfect collaboration.

Together they are forming #EMERGING PROUD PRESS, and will be offering the opportunity to budding proud emergees to become Authors themselves… 

sean and katie online media pic

We are so grateful to the Universe for what feels like another divinely- led connection ❤

Watch out for a follow – up video from Sean introducing himself on Monday; 21st Jan is officially ‘Blue Monday’, characterized as the most depressing day of the year in the Northern hemisphere due to the succession of dark days… together with the Kinda Proud Reps and all of the peers who share their personal transformation stories, we are aiming to re- frame this time as an opportunity for new beginnings; a time to go within and find our own light in the darkness. We have all found meaning and purpose in the darkness and utilised this for our own positive transformation, and we believe you can too….

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