Free film screening to launch support group in Cambridge

Cambridge community film screening and discussion

SAT 12th Jan 1 – 4pm 

This is an informal full film screening #EmergingProud; watch how Peers managed to ’emerge’ transformed from their perceived mental health crises;

…Can a breakdown really be a journey to breakthrough?


This screening is free to attend and is intended to initiate interest in an ‘Emerging Kind’ Peer support group on the topic of spiritual emergence for those who resonate with the concept and are in need of mutual support to help the integration process.


Following this Launch, an Emerging KInd peer support group will be established in Cambridge, facilitated by our trained Peer, Yasemin. Come and join us to see the movie and be part of creating our local group together.

Emerging Kind is a group of people who have experienced spiritual crisis and have been extensively trained to arrange and facilitate peer support groups around the country for people having experienced a spiritual crisis.

There is no obligation to join the group if you attend the screening 🙂


Testimonials from the world premier on 12th May 2017

“Thank you so much for working to further this movement. You’ve given me a safe space to shed many tears of joy and hope.” Theodore

“The film was extremely affirming and emotive to watch. I found myself relating deeply to the people discussing their experiences of spirituality within mental health, and resonated with the struggle of being severely misunderstood. It was especially inspiring to witness each beautiful person have the courage to speak openly about their awakening with such depth and humour.” Thomas

“The film blew me away – it was beautifully put together, and totally inspiring. More than just addressing the stigma attached to mental health, it speaks to the human condition in general and I think we all have a lot to learn from the stories that are being told. Absolutely loved it.” James

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