Spela’s mission to spread hope around recovery from anorexia

Špela Kranjec from Slovenia has already shared her KindaProud journey for our blog and Amy’s book ‘#Emerging Proud through disordered eating, body image and low self esteem’…


I was ready to end it all.

But something stopped me. Despite all this horror I lived in, my body still wouldn’t let me finish it. It wanted to fight. Even today, I don’t know where it found this strength – where I found this strength whilst hugging my blanket that day, yelling through tears that I can’t do it anymore. I literally starved myself to my limits. That day was a turning point. I only had two options. There was no middle ground. It was beyond obvious that my life can not remain the same. And I was either going to die or regain some weight.

Would you like to read more? She’s now seeking funding to translate her whole book into English in order to give as many people around the world as posssible hope of recovery;



Do you have a story of #Emerging Proud through related struggles with eating, body image or low self- esteem?

To share your experience on the blog and in Amy’s KindaProud book:

‘#EmergingProud through disordered eating, body image and low self-esteem’

Please contact Amy at: info@soul-shine.org.uk

Your story is important

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