Take NOTE; STE’s are not a ‘disorder’

Our wonderful Kinda Proud Rep Dr Nicole Gruel interviewed Dr. Yvonne Kason, who coined the term spiritually transformative experience (STE), for her series; ‘Take NOTE’.

Yvonne is an author, retired family physician, transpersonal MD-psychotherapist, and retired professor of Toronto University. She was a founding member of the Kundalini Research Network, the Canadian Coordinator of the Spiritual Emergence Network, the founder of the Spiritual Emergence Research and Referral Clinic, and the co-founder of the Spirituality in Health-Care Network. Using the realisations from her personal experience, as a medical doctor she specialized in counselling STErs of all kinds and was horrified by how many people with STEs were mislabeled and pathologized by their doctors, clergy, family, and/or friends.

She was the first Canadian Medical Doctor to specialize in this area.

One of her messages is: STEs ARE NOT MENTAL ILLNESS

Do these subjects resonate with your own experience? 

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 Nicole Gruel

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