Do you want to show the world who you are?

Are you ready to be a KindaProud Warrior?

Share your story of overcoming shame and stigma to help others into transformation…


We are currently creating 4 Pocketbooks of Hope and Transformation.

Each Pocket Book has its own KindaProud Rep; a Peer who has personal experience of the theme of that specific book; these are the first 4 books currently being created;

#Emerging Proud through Suicide

#Emerging Proud through NOTES (Non- Ordinary Transcendent Experiences)

# Emerging Proud through disordered eating, body image and low-self-esteem

#Emerging Proud through trauma and abuse

Do these subjects resonate with your own experience? 

Would you like to share your story to give HOPE to others? Here’s how…

 Nicole Gruel

For Nicole’s KindaProud book, #EmergingProud through NOTES

Please contact us here 


For Amy’s KindaProud book:

#EmergingProud through disordered eating, body image and low self-esteem

Please contact Amy at:





For Mandy’s KindaProud book:  #EmergingProud through Trauma and Abuse 

Please contact Mandy at:





For Kelly’s KindaProud book:  #EmergingProud through Suicide

Please contact Kelly at:





Thank you for your bravery; inside us all IS the power to change the world ❤

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2 Responses to Do you want to show the world who you are?

  1. Margaret Gardner says:

    Interested in emerging proud through trauma and abuse


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