Karina Simieli, Integral life & organizational coach, Catalonia (Spain)

I had the pleasure of meeting Karina at the Integral Europe conference in Hungary in 2015, whilst launching ISEN ; it was one of those special connections that has lasted, despite the distance! Having benefitted from some powerful coaching sessions with Karina to support my own integration process, I thought you might all like to meet her too!


A bit about Karina…

A few years ago, after a trip to Thailand, I started a deep personal transformation and evolutionary journey.

Searching my vital purpose I opened the doors to a new profession supporting people and organizations through coaching with the aim of exploring the emerging future.

The Integral perspective opened new possibilities to me and provided a deep understanding of the systemic interdependency we live in.

I like to call myself an “awakener of Being” because I love accompanying people to discover their inner beauty and the version of themselves that allows them to live and work fully and in the path of well-being.

I believe in the value of the body as a supreme instrument of reconnection with our being and as a gateway for personal transformation. Since my childhood,  I have practiced various dance styles and somatic-emotional development techniques such as Yoga, Biodanza, AlbaEmoting, 5 Rhythms and SPT theater of social presence.

I consider the human being as a whole and from an integral intervention, I use language, body and emotions to achieve ontological coherence and holding the space for spiritual development.

I believe in the power of collaboration and the potential of co-creation to built personal and professional relationships. In group facilitation, I use different methodologies such as Art of Hosting, World Cafe, Dragon dreaming, Appreciative Inquiry and Process Work that help us to explore the emerging future and to manage the complexity in which we live.

For more than twenty years I have accompanied SMEs and organizations in the improvement processes from the departments of quality, HR and CSR. I have trained with great masters throughout my life who have given me a great treasures. My deep gratitude to each of them for their contribution to the person I am today.

I’ll be interviewing Karina about her work in the coming week, but in the mean time you can find out more about her and her work, here:




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