Are you having a spiritual awakening? By proud Emergee Lori Morrison

Thank you to #Emerging Proud film subject, Lori, for this wonderful article…

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More and more people are asking themselves this question and thankfully western culture is becoming better equipped with some answers. Spiritual awaking can be a glamorous term but the reality is that an awakening can be life altering and chaotic. When that happens it is called a spiritual emergency. There are many things that can trigger a spiritual emergency:

1.) Societal pressures: When people have been living their lives for the perception of others, their true selves lies hidden. Trying to fit the mold of society can limit the souls journey and an awakening is the emergence of the truth of a person. A shattering of limiting beliefs and the realization that there is more to what is seen can stimulate a change of perception of the world that leads to a shrugging off of the old and stepping into a new vision.

2.) Is there more to life? When you start asking the bigger questions and wanting to know more about your existence, your purpose, your place in the cosmic view of things you make be at a juncture of a spiritual awakening. Twelve astronauts have spoken of their shift in how they see themselves in the world after trips to space. This is called the overview effect. They have spoken about the awe they have and the transcendence into an understanding of connectedness. Here is a video about this phenomenon. 

3.) Depression: Many times depression can be precipitated by not living your true existence. The soul weeps that you have lost touch with the recognition of the purpose of being here.

4.) Trauma: Many spiritual emergencies occur after a near death experience, death of a loved one or a very fearful incident.

5.) Childbirth: Many women will realize that bigger picture after giving birth. The act of what occurs brings to light the feeling of miracles and phenomena and a total unity and oneness with another human being.

6.) Intensive spiritual practice: Many of the great world wisdoms have known of the possibilites of enlightenment. Asian cultures have always explored the bigger picture and the importance of an inner perception. Meditation, yoga and other practices can be a foundation for the feeling of connectivity to the universe.

7.) Repressed emotions: The emotional load has limits and there is a fragile turning point when we do not manage emotion well, storing them until a danger zone. The psyche will reach a limit and explodes when the reality of our lives is revealed through an awakening.

When an awakening sinks in there is a vast list of symptoms. People talk of a unity consciousness and a blissful existence where they may feel unconditional love for the first time in their lives. They often describe themselves disintegrating and becoming whole with a universal energy. There is also a sense of knowing, receiving information from the external world without even asking for it, a ripening of intuition. Many will hear voices, channel messages and receive psychic abilities. The sensitivities of smell, noise and others energies and emotions can play havoc with someone in a spiritual emergency.

There are also physical changes as the energy begins to emerge and rise within the sacrum of the body and spreads throughout the body. There can be a sensation that you have been plugged in and cannot unplug yourself from intense energy. This can even be painful as an overload on the nervous system. Another symptom can be amazing synchronicities and the ability to see past lives. You may also have the experience of being out of your body astral traveling at night or even during the day.

For many these spiritual experiences are manageable and do not effect your life, for others they can be very overwhelming and destabilizing. When there is not a framework for understanding and when the experiences are not validated it can be very chaotic and disturbing. Friends and family may find it very difficult to understand and to help and many end up in the mental health field where there is little to no support for these types of events.

The earth is changing its frequency and this can be the cause of many people switching on to a higher vibration. Here is the perfect stone to work with:


A very rare stone from Eastern Europe, moldavite is my go to stone for  extra-terrestial energies. It is a type of tektite formed when a giant meteor hit the earth, a fusion of the cosmos with mother earth. It has been a very cherished stone throughout the ages. For me it is the ascension stone sent to our planet to raise its vibration and help us in our transition to a higher level of consciousness. It is intense and and will clear out your chakras and increase your connection to the higher realms and accelerate the ascension process. It is important to use a grounding stone like hematite or obsidian while using moldavite to balance its extra-terrestial affects. It is very helpful to shamans who can venture into past lives and repair aberrations on the energetic fields, they can also use it to journey to the infinite field of possibility and bring back what is needed in the present for optimizing future results. It serves as a transformer of information from the akashic field.

Many people feel very disconnected on earth, as if they miss the place of their origins. These people are often called star children, indigos or crystal children and are highly sensitive beings often struggling with the density of earth. Moldavite’s energies are like a phone call home, tying them back to the interplanetary world they most resonate with. Highly empathic people will resonate with moldavite as it can be a support of compassion and purpose.

About the Author:

Lori Morrison is a “concierge” to the spiritual world and a “soul intuitive” for those seeking connection and support in their life journeys. Combining her skills as a coach, spiritual counselor, shamanic healer and psychic intuitive she has built a successful practice located in Sedona, Arizona where she works with clients from all over the world. She is especially gifted in supporting those who have experienced trauma and grief and other debilitating life experiences through the use of alternative methods and ancient wisdom. By changing the perspective of mental illness from despair to the emergence of a creative gift it can lead to dramatic shifts in the possibility of recovery.
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  1. magicalmaven says:

    i have been working with moldavite now for the last 4 months and ironically have began learning the akashic records?!?.. after having a buckled knees and dizzy spell experience with it at a local crystal show (not knowing anything about it) last year followed by a dream of aliens in human form with serpent eyes, i knew that this tektite was something special for this past march i went back to that specific dealer and my husband bought me one knowing it was special for me to work with…thank you for this post and connecting some dots i didn’t realize were there! ❤

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