Thomas “Ain’t Got No Tears Left To Cry”

You may remember Thomas Khepri who #Emerged Proud in 2017…


In the previous blog I described Tom as displaying the power of vulnerability in re- claiming his emotions as an authentic part of himself. Tom has grown through his bravery, and shows how the feminine is also rising in brave young men ❤

Thomas says;

“Ain’t Got No Tears Left To Cry”

My “mental illness” or the term I prefer, condition, is characterised in many ways. Ultimately I see it as just that, my character. The condition I am in is my characters response to the conditions of my life at the time.

One thing that used to take hold and cause concern or worry in others around me was this intense emotion I used to experience. My therapist at the time termed these waves of emotion as ‘tidal waves’ of emotion.

I would swell with pure emotional energy at the thought of something not being right, or the way it should be in my view. Or if something beautiful dawned on me, the same emotional tidal wave would occur.

These days I am largely freed from this emotion, though I do not take stance against it. Through the dark times it was what always proved to myself and my guides just how much I care. From time to time I still experience intense emotion, though I have learned how to regulate it within my body. Instead of letting it tighten my throat and stagger my breathing, I have learned to breathe through it and let it rise through my crown with a sense of ease. Now these emotions exists within my auric field in more or less a balanced state.

As a young man it may be deemed somehow wrong to experience such intense emotion by some, and this held me back. But now I honour and respect myself for my emotions, sometimes anger, sometimes appreciation; no matter what the emotion is, I am learning to listen to it and respond in a way that my being needs me to.


What Next?

The next step in my emergence, or as many would term it, recovery, isn’t too clear.

My intentions are to help other star seeds find their way, and to the community that helped me find mine, I simultaneously ask for guidance and thank you!

Warm wishes


Thomas uses music to express himself and his emotions creatively…


If anyone would like to keep in touch with Thomas on his spiritual journey, he welcomes you to join his website/blog where you can interact:

Thank you Tom, for sharing your emotional wisdom and musical talents with the #EP community ❤

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