Introducing our #emerging Norwich SoMe Volunteers

As you may be aware now 😉 12th May is the 2nd International #Emerging Proud day, and in 16 global locations, Volunteers will be sharing their personal stories of #emergence with the aim to ‘Reframe mental distress as a possible transformation process.’

At the Norwich event, our wonderful Volunteers who all resonate with having experienced their own crisis as a catalyst for a meaningful life transformation, will engage in conversations with interested strangers in three SoMe spaces: The Wall, The Chat Room and The Message Board.

The Wall is where SoMe volunteers display their pre-written ‘profiles’. In Norwich you can hear from this inspiring bunch…


Norwich SoMe 2018 Vols

TimThis past year I discovered what it means to live my life from the inside – out; the bowl is never empty, even if it has a crack… 

MandyIt took a complete breakdown for me to wake up to the fact that I was not on the right path. I believe universal forces will guide me to it.

LindaReflecting on my crisis, experiences and background, has nourished my mission to bring my spiritual insights into a practical reality. 

AshI’m 47 and I still haven’t revealed my identity. I’ve had several but none of them are really me.

RosieI have always been a lone seeker, sensing there was more to life than meets the eye. Now I have a tribe who feel the same!

Anna: I was 14 when psychiatry slid into my life; we met many times. Trained as an O.T, worked in Mental Health. It was my illness that knew the truth.

MickIn 1986 I experienced a spiritual awakening and transformational crisis. It was a difficult transition, but it made me who I am today.

Laura: I have suffered with bipolar and psychosis for 10 years. I love studying spiritual things as it helps me cope with my illness. 

AmyWaking up to the soul of life helped me make peace with my body, heal my relationship with food and begin my journey of self – acceptance. 

MarcusIn my past I glimpsed that which connects us to each other, all life and the cosmos. This is at the heart of me, my values and my work.

Kerry13 yrs ago I was raped while unconscious by new partner. Work, relationships and mental health suffered, but my survival instincts emerged.

BeckyFrom past trauma and experiencing the unusual, I have developed great empathy and continue to use my experience and knowledge to help others

AbbieWith a history of depression, self harm, bullying and suicidal thoughts i decided to speak up about my past in the hope it can help others. 

The Chat Room provides a space where our SoMe volunteers and visitors can sit down and talk. Profiles will be used to prompt and stimulate the conversation, which can be challenging but always respectful. Once the conversation has finished, the visitor is asked to visit the Message Board.

The Message Board is a space where visitors will be asked to evaluate their experience.

The outcomes from each global event location Message Board will be collated after the 12th May to produce the 2nd International Emerging Proud report. Our aim is to demonstrate the powerful impact of story- sharing…

Please do come along to the Kinda Kafe on Sat 12th May between 10am – 4pm and enjoy some tea and stimulating conversation ❤

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