#Emerging Proud day 2018 to be accessible to ALL who want to join in

This year I wanted to ensure that #Emerging Proud day celebrations are accessible to anyone who’d like to be involved. So, if you are unable to make it to one of these 15 global locations holding an event, you have two other options…
You could join Ellie’s online sharing;

“12th May 2018 is International Emerging Proud day (whoop!) and I will be marking this by holding an online gathering for those who have experienced/are experiencing the spiritual awakening process. 

If this is you – you’re most welcome to join the space I’ll be holding. We’ll be sharing about our experiences on the topic of:

“The Beautiful Aspects of my Emergence Journey”

Please being your whole self into this safe, warm space. All emotions are welcome; joy, fear, sadness, confusion… . It is my experience that when we allow ourselves to feel whatever it is we feel and then to remember beautiful aspects of life – we feel more alive than ever.  

Sharing our challenges can be a crucial part of the integration process and, equally, acknowledging the positive aspects of our journeys is vital. Those of us having spiritually transformative experiences are transformed and there can be much to celebrate about this. For me (to name a few) it’s been a renewed sense of purpose, a deeper connection to my true self and the peace and joy dwelling within, extra sensory perception and a strong sense of trust in Life.

Perhaps you’d like to come along and listen to others sharing the positive aspects of their journeys. Perhaps you’d like to share something of yours. Whether you’ve a 30 second anecdote or would like to speak for five minutes, you’re most welcome.

Saturday 12th May

2pm – 3:45pm Online via zoom.

All you will need to join is the meeting link and a computer/smart phone. 

Please email me at epmeditation@gmail.com to claim your spot.”

OR, if you are not ready to share in such a public way, please feel free to gather a group of friends and settle down to watch the #EmergingProud film which will be available to stream FOR FREE from the 12th May 2018 ONWARDS via this website…

Validation should be freely available for all, and so that is what I hope to offer to the world by giving the film away; Happy #Emerging Proud day ONE and ALL,

With love, Katie ❤

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1 Response to #Emerging Proud day 2018 to be accessible to ALL who want to join in

  1. Dorien says:

    So thankful Ellie you are holding this space. Really notice this sharing-part with like minded people is what I lack and need for further integration of a beautiful process. Will see you next week and I am looking forward!

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