Call for Artists to display in New York for #EmergingProud day 2018!

Transcendence: A Spiritual Emergence Showcase


This exhibition will be held in NYC on May 12 as part of International Emerging Proud Day 2018.

We are currently accepting inspired artistic expressions. Visual, musical, and poetic submissions that were inspired by the spiritual emergence process will be accepted through April 15.

Please send entries (jpg images, audio files) and a brief description of the piece to Katrina at

Entries that are not selected for the NYC live show will be included in a virtual multi-media gallery both in NYC and possibly at Emerging Proud events all over the world.

Because transcendent experiences are non linear and ineffable, creative expression offers a non-threatening way for these experiences to be shared. Many who have been through spiritual emergency have been traumatized by erroneously being diagnosed and treated for a mental illness. The hallmark of spiritual emergence is that, while it may sometimes display regressive ailments due to repressed trauma coming up to heal, it can inevitably lead to a higher level of functioning. This event is intended to normalize, build community, and offer resources for those undergoing spiritual emergence/spiritual emergency.

Thank you to Tee and Katrina at The Curious Spirit for this inspired work and your continued support of #EmergingProud! ❤

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