Teal Swan on the problem with diagnosing in the mental health system

Even the most famous spiritual figures are speaking out. This week saw Oprah talk about  how childhood trauma impacts people’s live, and Teal Swan made a video expressing her anger at the current mental health paradigm. I couldn’t agree more, it’s SBBS (spiritual bypassing bullshit) to deny strong emotions, and can keep us stuck in non- action.

We need people to speak out in order for necessary change to occur. In order for people who are already traumatised, not to be re- traumatised by a system that focuses only on the problem and not on the solution.

In actual fact, if you have been diagnosed with a label of pathology:

“There is nothing wrong with you….your behaviours are adapations which occured to keep you safe in trauma.” 

As our society progresses, diagnoses won’t exist at all. Touché Teal, Touché ❤

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