Watch #EmergingProud for FREE this holiday season

Would you like to watch the Emerging Proud film for free over the next couple of weeks, or do you know someone who may benefit from seeing it?


This is my gift to you; I am paying it forward in the hope that the message reaches those who may be in need of having their experiences normalised in order that they do not feel so alone. Christmas can be a difficult time for anyone, especially those who have been, or are going through, a spiritual emergence and perhaps feeling isolated and maybe even ostracized by their family…

Please pass the parcel! This link will give you free viewing access to the full Emerging Proud film until the 2nd January 2018…


(If you are not given a ‘Watch it now’ option click on ‘Rent’ and input the code: FestiveFreebie )

Free Gift

Feeling like giving too?

We are fundraising to set up community Peer support groups to offer safe spaces for Experiencers who resonate with having anomalous experiences to feel validated,  supported and understood. Would you like to donate your rental fee to help us create a safer society for people going through the spiritual emergence process?


Thank you, for Emerging Kind and helping to spread this vital information ❤



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2 Responses to Watch #EmergingProud for FREE this holiday season

  1. Wildflowers Eco says:

    Hello, I’d like to watch the film for Free as you have offered but when I click on it, it gives 2 options of renting or buying for $3.50 or $9.99. The link gives only these options. How would I watch it for free? Thanks, Denise



    • Hi Denise, If you click on the actual link in the body of the blog it should take you to an option to ‘watch it now’ – if that doesn’t work try clicking on ‘Rent’ and input the code’FestiveFreebie’ …I hope that works!


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