Ivy births an Emerging Kind design

A couple of weeks ago we invited the community to send in your designs to appear on our Emerging Kind T -Shirts…

Ivy Chaya – Shiffler from New Jersey USA has submitted a corker!

We think Ivy’s design speaks for itself, but when I asked Ivy to explain what her design portrays for her, she said:

“To me the unconditional love and nurturing that comes from our first home, the mother, shows us the healing love we all have within, allowing each of us in our own way to wrap our arms around the world…We have the potential to wrap our arms around each other and and around ourselves, to unite, to hold one another up, and heal as one. It speaks to the idea that we are never alone, and that love is all around us…”

Emerging Kind

We love to receive your artwork, and Ivy always delivers powerful pieces. We agree that we all have the potential to birth love for ourselves and for the world (and that it can be a painful birth process!) If you’d like to see more of Ivy’s work…




Don’t forget to CONTACT US with your designs, you might see yours in our official Emerging Kind store, and receive a free T- Shirt!



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1 Response to Ivy births an Emerging Kind design

  1. IvyChayaArt says:

    Thank you, I really needed to see this today, and reread it. Please, if anyone here has had a recent experience in their journey during which the love of “the Mother” or “mother Earth” has embraced them or shown them how to embrace the world around them in a new or perhaps familiar way.

    Many of us go through difficult times, but I find it goo to return to these places to be reminded.

    With love and gratitude, Ivy


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