The importance of community and the healing circle

Malidoma Some wrote the now acclaimed article ‘What a Shaman sees in a mental hospital’ to demonstrate how “crazy” the Western medical system’s interpretation of craziness seems to the Indigenous traditions that perceive the same experiences as the painful birth of a healer…

The other world can dial anyone’s number, at any given time, and when it happens it can be extremely frightening, especially when that experience is disbelieved or treated as a mental illness. As Malidoma explains, what someone really needs at this time is a community of people who understand; who have been through the same journey and ’emerged’, often shaken, but if appropriately supported, mostly transformed.

This is the intention of setting up the
Medium Logo Peer support groups; to act as a community for those who have been called and need a safe space in which to navigate their journey…

If the Western world doesn’t understand the importance of this yet and provide appropriate support, then we have to create it ourselves; Sisters (and brothers) are doing it for ourselves!

Not only are we creating community, in a years time we hope to be able to provide some academic outcomes through research to evidence the viability of this approach… More of that to come, but in the mean time; “We’re going back to our roots”

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2 Responses to The importance of community and the healing circle

  1. James O'Toole says:

    This gives me great hope. Thank you Katie


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