Artistic expression; so often an intrinsic element of #emergence to wholeness…

Many amazing Artists have contributed their work in support of the #EmergingProud campaign. More recently, local Artist Hannah Hardy got in touch about her related work. Hannah’s beautiful guest blog invites you to be part of her Free Spirit Network:

Are you a free spirit?

What do you experience in response to that question? A memory? A feeling? A desire?


We are all born as free spirits, it is just a case of remembering our inner expression. Once we reconnect to our highest joy our life purpose unfurls before us. Like driving to a distant city at night our path is set and our head lights illuminate sections of the road at a time. So it is that our highest dreams are fulfilled with trust and baby steps sometimes into the darkness and the unknown.


Once we reconnect with our authentic joy the universe aligns to bring abundance to all levels of our being. In our Western society we are not encouraged to connect with our highest joy or authentic self. Perhaps, we are actively discouraged through corporate social programming, outdated education system, biased media and disempowering politics. Whereas in indigenous cultures the parents are often aware of the life purpose of their child during pregnancy, enabling them to prepare the spirit to incarnate and uniquely supported through life on his/hers souls mission. A deep sense of interconnectedness prevails these cultures and honouring the soul journey of all that they relate to, be that to each other or the animal to which they will hunt. These cultures understand that nourishing our spiritual self is as important as nourishing our physical self, as without the thirst for life we will not drink.

Not authentically connecting to our spirituality is like trying to stop a river’s flow to the sea, if blocked it will break out. This is often the cause of crisis point in one’s life, not living in accordance with one’s true nature.

When I was a child I remember looking at the sunset on the clouds and the light falling on the grass and inherently knew my connection to all things. As I grew I saw people’s stories in their eyes, I could astral travel and thought this was normal. It was only when I started being schooled by our society that I began to Ignore that part of myself and tried to fit into what I perceived as ‘normal’. A near death experience and a miraculous healing made me aware of my higher purpose. This is why I founded The Free Spirit Network and The Free Spirit School to reconnect with and support our free spirits.

Our first event brought together international speakers, workshop leaders, artists, poets, activists and healers to connect as free spirits and to express themselves openly. We have since grown a flourishing network with workshops, talks and regular free global meditations.  Understanding that we are all free spirits- we just need to remember it.

Our free spirit can be connected to through a myriad of ways, be that through meditation, creative expression, dance, music, gardening, sport… and we encourage the normalising of our spirituality as a need as important as physical nourishment. In a collaboration with BBC voices we interviewed a wide cross section of the public and asked their response to the question ‘Are you a free spirit?’. The video illustrates that we all have an inherent feeling of and connection to this higher freedom..

The Free Spirit Video









The Free Spirit Network supports the connection of free spirits through online and event based creative networking. I have since founded The Free Spirit School to support children and adults to connect to and nourish their authentic voice. The rainbow circle have been on a passage of discovery together for a year. They have been building trust and relationship to share and explore their free spirit together through diverse workshops ran by world leading holistic practitioners including drumming, mindfulness, colour workshop, yoga, aura sprays. The rainbow circle have also been exploring and connecting to global indigenous spiritual cultures.  Through our work together parents have been amazed to witness their children flourish, in becoming more grounded and confident to express themselves. We have an extensive waiting list, so to offer this unique gift out to more people worldwide we will soon welcome interested parties to train on a unique program with us to enable them to offer their own branch of the free spirit school wherever they are in the world!. So please get in touch if this resonates with you and if you are drawn to offer this unique and rich gift to your own community. Email us at












To celebrate the turning of our current energy shift The Free Spirit Network welcomes you to join us in our incredible Global Free Spirit Healing monthly meditation. This free event supports you to reconnect with your highest state of being, with a guided audio meditation, wherever you are in the world to connect to the amazing collective healing energy.

Keep in touch about our next Global Free Spirit Healing Meditation


There are many ways to get involved with this amazing network, including sending us creative expressions of your Free Spirit to be included in our forthcoming collective The Free Spirit Book which will be published next Spring, deadline for work is October 20th. We welcome you to get in touch with authentic expressions of your free spirit, be that artwork, poetry, meditations, a dance..!

Sending rainbow hugs to you



To involve and inspire



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