‘Rethinking Madness: An Integral Vision’ Sean and Ligia share their #EmergingProud plans for Brazil

People are working their socks off behind the scenes to make the 12th May a success all over the world. Sean Blackwell and his wife Ligia Splendore have really gone all out and are hosting a 2-day event; the first at the State Chambers and the second at the largest psychiatric hospital in Sao Paolo! Sean says what you can expect from their event…

Rethinking Madness mailout (eng).png

“We will have a live panel of people speaking about their #EmergingProud experiences at the event. In addition, we’ll be screening the CRAZYWISE film with Portuguese subtitles and I’ll be sharing David Lukoff’s story on the professional’s focused day, day 2.

We have three people involved here (Ligia, Manuel and Cris Barros) that are experienced at giving weekend courses in transpersonal psychology. So our day is largely being guided by their experience in working with Brazilians in large groups. Our days are educational in focus, as this subject area will be quite new to most of our audience. We will meet with resistance, no doubt. But, there will be plenty of time for discussion and exchange of ideas for carrying forwards…

We have representation from University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo Psychiatric Hospital, a shamanic teacher from another university, as well as the state psychological organization (CRP)  and the major transpersonal associations (ALUBRAT). The room for the first night has been given to us free by the City of Sao Paulo, it’s in the state chambers. Day 2 takes place as the SP Psychiatric Hosptial. So….we’re gettin’ political down here! We really couldn’t access more high profile, influential people and organizations here in Brazil.”


With huge thanks to Sean and Ligia for all of their hard work and dedication to organising such a dynamic, inclusive event; we look forward to hearing all about it on the harvest call- in to London!

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1 Response to ‘Rethinking Madness: An Integral Vision’ Sean and Ligia share their #EmergingProud plans for Brazil

  1. James Miller says:

    Don’t know what your work is about any more. (Haven’t been following it any more.) But best of luck in everything!


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