The world unites for change; Germany and Finland also set to #EmergeProud on the 12th May

Passionate people are incredible forces of nature. The evident desire for change in the way mental health struggles are perceived is enormous, and it’s global.

The #EmergingProud events are aimed at bringing together all individuals who share this passion for change to talk about innovative ways to ‘Rethink madness’ and how we can create a safer society in which these issues can be more openly discussed without fear.

Everyone involved is a volunteer, driven by their dedication to support this shift. Together we are not only creating positive change locally, but globally countries will be uniting on LIVE calls to feedback their action points from the day to the London hub event. An international report will be produced and shared with everyone who attends in every location. This is just the beginning…

New to join the 12th May excitement are:

Berlin, Germany: For details: CLICK HERE

Nurmijärvi, Finland: For details CLICK HERE

For information on the other events happening around the world CLICK HERE 

When we unite for transformation, whatever our culture, we hold the potential for a better world in our hands…

Small world

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