Re-thinking Madness – What has to happen to make it safer for us to communicate our ‘madness’ in society?

Join us for the international discussions happening on the 12th May all over the world to initiate solutions on this subject….tickets for the London hub are going fast!

Would you like to have your say? Are you someone who fears speaking out and would like to see a safer society? Are you a mental health professional feeling the need to support people more holistically? Are you an holistic therapist with the desire to bring your work into the mainstream? Whoever you are; if you have passion around this subject, then your voice is important!

Here Frances describes the potential outcome of a crisis well- supported;


JOIN US! for innovative Open Space discussions about what can be done – this is only the start; we will be creating an international report on all actions initiated in each country on the day and circulating it to everyone who attends…

The time to unite for change has come! People all over the world are fired up to  innovate – don’t miss out!

Click here to join us at the London hub event ❤ 

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