Your voice matters; experiencer, supporter, mother, brother, nurse…”normal human experiences” can connect us all, if we allow them to.

Significant moves away from biomedical paradigm are starting to happen in mental health services, with trauma-informed models of care being increasingly referenced in Government documents. This transition from ‘What is wrong with you?’ towards ‘What has happened to you?’ is a hopeful and positive one, and the #EmergingProud campaign adds further depth to this welcome change in perception.

Whichever side of the fence you fall on; service user or worker, together we need to work out how to knock down the fence and build bridges; because there is ‘Only Us’

We all experience emotional distress at some point in our lives, to varying degrees. And we all have the capacity to experience spiritual phenomena too; and if we’re not prepared for it when it happens it can be terrifying and extremely destabilising.

The launch events on the 12th May will provide a safe Open Space for expression, discussion and planning around what more can be done to create support services that fit with the changing paradigm. Collaborative Wellbeing Community Hubs are one such idea; bringing together psychological and holistic therapies, in social spaces where people can pop in, share and receive support. Do you have ideas about what is needed?

Join us in London with your vision – Early Bird tickets are still available HERE


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