Sean Blackwell does us proud by leading #Emerging Proud day in Brazil

Sean Blackwell admits that he is no shrinking violet; having bravely and patiently spoken out about his own ‘psychotic’ experiences that were labelled ‘b-polar disorder’ for the last 10 years and helping hundreds of people internationally to view their experiences in a more empowering framework than the medical paradigm offers, Sean talks about his excitement at feeling like 2017 is going to see a big shift.

#Emerging Proud day on 12th May 2017 is officially going international!

Sean and his wife Ligia, a Psychologist based in Brazil, will lead an event based around this theme in Sao Paolo, feeding back action points raised from the day to a central hub along with five other countries who will simultaneously host #Emerging Proud events in order to make sure that we have a trans- cultural and global impact. (More news on that coming very soon!)

Over to you Sean:

To find out more about Sean’s work go to:

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1 Response to Sean Blackwell does us proud by leading #Emerging Proud day in Brazil

  1. The medical community looks at you like you’re nuts and some of the spiritual community does the same. Finding someone who is willing to walk the middle line is hard. When are you detached from reality and when are you just questioning, being religious. I think you need be safe no matter what. Love Inspiration website has free Kundalini lessons. Thank you Sean for sharing. I can’t remember a thing about 5th grade. If anyone wants to read more about someone who went through many hospitalizations, dreams, shamanism my site/blog is I’m on medication and still able to have kundalini experiences.


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