Together we can make #Emerging Proud create an historical shift for humanity!

I truly believe that the only way to change the world is through a collaborative effort:


If we all commit to bringing out the power that is inside of each of us, then a monumental shift is not only possible; it’s inevitable!

I can’t do this without your support.

If you are enjoying the #emergingproud campaign and want to see the interviews culminate into an impactful film that could change mainstream public perception of spiritual experiences and how they are handled, then please DONATE HERE

If you are unable to make a financial contribution then you can JOIN THE CAMPAIGN: SHARE YOUR STORY AND HELP TO CREATE A POSITIVE CHANGE  through raising awareness and normalising spiritual experiences.

#Emerging Proud is looking for an official sponsor for the launch event on 12th May. Would YOU like to be the person or organisation recognised as making history through assisting the initiation of this campaign for the Human Rights of those going through the spiritual emergence process?  CONTACT ME HERE to find out how.

Finally, don’t forget to BOOK HERE to be the first in the UK to see the FULL pre- premiere CRAZYWISE film in Norwich on 29th Jan – places are limited and it’s happening soon!

In solidarity,

Katie x


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