Dr Luc De Bry from Belgium talks openly about his personal story; an introduction to further discussion about the links between Biology, Nutrition; a return to our roots and Open Dialogue

Dr. Luc De Bry was born and grew up for 19 years in Central Africa, at the foot of active volcanoes and with the famous gorillas in the mist among his closest neighbours.

He obtained his degree in Biological Sciences and his PhD in Molecular Biology at the Free University of Brussels. He then joined the International Food Supply Chain Industry and for the next 30 years, he organized scientific research on Water * Plant * Food * Consumer Interactions, with the permanent aim to increase food product quality while decreasing costs.

4 years ago, with the fall of his son into psychosis, and being drowned into, what he considers as the existing psychiatric hell, he redirected his free-time to Mental Health Research as a mental health service user, tax-payer demanding better service quality and volunteer scientist.

As a result of his research, on the one hand, his son is now 16 months psych-drugs-free, no relapse and on the other hand, he is helping other sufferers to embark on their recovery journey.

Luc will further discuss his research in a later interview, including in formation on his presentation from the History of Mental Health Conference, 22-23 March 2016 at Leeds University, UK: PSYCHOSIS FALL and RECOVERY MAP

Luc says:

“The word psychiatry was coined in 1808, and in 1908, the word schizophrenia was coined.  Since then, having monopolized mental health and isolated psych-wards away from the advantages of the multidisciplinary of general hospitals, psychiatrists pretend that schizophrenia is an incurable illness, causing permanent disability and psych-drugs-dependency for life…

However, provided that one stops to listen to psychiatrists and goes for holistic, humanistic, traditional and ancillary methods instead, then to heal schizophrenia is simply a natural process which exists since the origins of Homo sapiens, some 160,000 years ago.

Therefore, as a father who wants the best for his son, and as a scientist who contributed for his entire career to agricultural, nutritional, medical and anthropological research, in order to help other suffering families, I decided to share our family story, our family fight to get away from oppressive, stigmatizing and incompetent psychiatry, back to both wellness and dignity.

Our family journey emphasizes once again that psychiatry with its battery of toxic psych-drugs and inhumane treatments, is outdated, and offers no credible alternative to the natural healing processes of mental distress.”

If you’d like to connect with Luc regarding any questions, he has kindly offered to be contacted by email at: luc.de.bry@skynet.be







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2 Responses to Dr Luc De Bry from Belgium talks openly about his personal story; an introduction to further discussion about the links between Biology, Nutrition; a return to our roots and Open Dialogue

  1. Estelle Carroll says:

    Dear Kate. Thank you so much for posting this , although I’m aware Iv only just came across the link . I also follow you on Twitter & love what you Emerging proud.

    I wanted to cry watching the video as my family journey through psychiatry regarding my son has been traumatic, echoes Luc experience. I have also done my research, but not I’m not an academic, but have found links like beyond Meds, Will hall , shaman approach, but I have no idea where to begin, as my son is still traumatised from spending 6 months on psych ward & is still on medication, which he does not like taking. He actually told me last night ” that he wanted to cry about what’s happened to him, but he can’t . The medication have emotionally shut him down!

    As a family we’ve been told my son is mentally unwell & will most probably be on medication for life!!! We have been offered no therapy what’s so ever. In regards to Open dialogue, I have tried to call them and sent emails , but unfortunately, I have not received a reply.

    I will ask my sons psychiatrist at next appt if she is aware of open dialogue and could she refer us, although, I won’t hold my breath.

    This is a very lonely time at present, more so for my son as he’s peers have totally abandoned him, due to fear! There are no holistic services that offer support to heal, so it mainly been myself and my sons father , supporting him.

    Thanks for Luc contact details as I hope to build up the courage to email him.


    • Bless you Estelle, your family’s situation is so common and my heart goes out to you. Where are you based? If you email me at mendthegap@hotmail.com I’ll see if I know of any contacts local to you that you might be able to access for support. Please let your son know he is not alone…Warmest wishes, Katie


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