About Kinda Proud:  


An innovative ‘Pocket Books of Hope and Transformation’ series, these personal stories are aimed at providing hope and encouraging us to re-think mental distress as a potential catalyst for positive change.

One of the main mantras of the #EmergingProud campaign is that by working together we can change the world; that we need to BE the change we wish to see in the world. This project aims to create a series of ‘Pocket Books of Hope and Transformation’ for people experiencing different themes of mental distress, under the umbrella of the anti- stigma social movement #EmergingProud.

Kinda Proud empowers passionate Peers to tell their stories and be validated in doing so by a growing community that values authenticity, vulnerability and reduces stigma and shame. This helps build confidence and connection. Our project is empowering Peers to bravely speak out, proudly owning their story, and letting their voices be heard, in many case for the first time.

The main aim of our Kinda Proud book series is to decrease stigma, improve wellbeing and influence the saving of lives through providing a more compassionate and positive conceptual framework for emotional distress.

This project is unique because each Pocket Book of hope has its own KindaProud Rep; a Peer who has personal experience of the theme of that specific book in which they tell their own story and encourage others to join them in doing the same. Our first 4 books in the series are;

#Emerging Proud Through NOTES (Non- Ordinary Transcendent Experiences) – was published on 12thMay 2019

# Emerging Proud Through Disordered Eating, Body Image and Low-Self-Esteem – was released on 12th July 2019

#Emerging Proud Through Suicide – due for release on 10th Sept 2019

#Emerging Proud Through Trauma and Abuse – due for release on 10th Oct 2019


The main aims and objectives of the Kinda Proud book series:

  • To relieve people of the distress associated with transformational crises by offering authentic examples of personal stories and resources to engender hope and initiate recovery.

  • To provide opportunities for Volunteers to join a virtual community and work in collaboration with other #EP Peer Reps to create books of empowerment.

  • To decrease stigma, improve wellbeing and influence the saving of lives through providing a more compassionate and positive conceptual framework for emotional distress.

  • To use all proceeds from book sales to provide free books to hospital wards and mental health facilities throughout the UK and Internationally, in order to inject much–needed hope for someone during their most difficult times

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Evidence shows us the transformative power of story-sharing. Join us to find out why. 

Do these subjects resonate with your own experience? 

 Nicole Gruel

For Nicole’s KindaProud book, #EmergingProud through NOTEs




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For Amy’s KindaProud book:

#EmergingProud through disordered eating, body image and low self-esteem

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For Kelly’s KindaProud book:  #EmergingProud through Suicide

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Meet our Kinda Proud Publisher and Ambassador!


Meet Sean, our Kinda Proud Ambassador 

Sean Patrick was a typical Millennial/ Gen Y, living life on the ‘ordinary’ path; going from High School to College to University to his first job in the city. However feelings of anxiety and depression became present in his 20s, with social anxiety leading on to more serious depression.

“Like many people I didn’t know where I fitted into the world, and despite having the things I was ‘supposed to’, I felt unhappy, anxious and unfulfilled.  I felt like I was on a treadmill and scared by the world.” explains Sean.

Sean’s ‘crisis point’ hit when he started to experience severe panic attacks at 22 years old. He had no option to but admit he had ‘mental health’ issues and begin to focus on fixing it. He started by reading books, gaining better understanding of his own mind, and ultimately to a more spiritual outlook on life through daily meditation and adopting spiritual beliefs. After accepting an expat job in Hong Kong and spending half a year away from his ‘ordinary life’, he had the chance to recalibrate, explore meditation and mindfulness, and let go of damaging old patterns and beliefs.

On returning home, Sean set up a blog called That Guy Who Loves The Universe and began to share ideas about spirituality and positive mental health with his following which grew to over 15K. He began to speak at conferences and wellness events all over the world and released an Amazon bestseller in July 2016.

In 2017, Sean developed his own wellness company, That Guy’s House, with a main focus on wellness books and mental health projects.

After meeting Katie via a synchronistic introduction by our #Emerging Proud through suicide book Rep, Kelly, and finding out more about the #Emerging Proud campaign, Sean  and Katie both knew that bringing their personal experiences and skills together to launch the KindaProud series of books would be the perfect collaboration.

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Thank to you all of the brave Souls who have, and will, #Emerge Proud with your stories in support of the transformation of others; we deeply respect and honour you all ❤

This project was seed- funded by the kind sponsorship of The Missing Kind Charity to whom we are extremely grateful… The-Missing-Kind-Logo-120px

We are relying on public donations and book sales to provide mental health facilities with pocket books in order to reach those that need to hear our messages of hope…

DONATE HERE; your kind donation will provide books of hope to those in need

See the inspiring stories for each book shared so far by clicking on the links below:

#Emerging Proud through Suicide

Introducing our KindaProud Rep for the #Emerging through Suicide Pocket Book of Hope and Transformation; Kelly Walsh

A little voice and a listening ear was all it took to turn Pete’s life around…

His brother’s tragic death led Steve to almost take his own life; now he rises strong in support of providing hope to others

It took a complete suicidal breakdown for Bev to “TRUST” in the divinity of her Higher Self

A moment of clarity and guidance from her spirit guides helped Nicki escape from suicidal despair

Dee tells us how a tragedy in her life led to her creating positive change

Bobbi has used her trauma as a catalyst for positive change; “I want my pain to have a purpose; my mess to have a message.”  

Andy from Massachusetts, US, realised that everything could be healed, but only once he was willing to be healed. The bravest thing he did was to be open to asking for, and receiving help and support.

Katherine quite rightly says; “this word ‘suicide’ is not something to be feared, rather one that we could understand more deeply.”

Artist Joe from Oregon, USA, is KindaProud of being a ‘Survivor’

Colin’s journey through darkness helped him find his brightest light

Poisoned Ivy re- emerges with a message of solidarity

Caroline’s journey through PTSD and homelessness has made her grateful to be alive

Bev is Kinda Proud of her journey from burnout to a burning desire to help others know that it’s ‘okay to not be okay’

Louis is Kinda Proud that his troubled past has made him who he is today

Samaya’s depression was the ‘medicine’ that was pushing her to be true to herself

David is KindaProud that he came through a life of hopelessness to celebrate the miracle that he truly is.

#Emerging Proud through NOTEs (Non- Ordinary Transcendent Experiences)

Introducing our KindaProud Rep for the #EmergingProud through ‘NOTES’ Pocket Book of Hope and Transformation

Melanie is KindaProud of her NOTE transformation!

NDE aged 4 has led to a lifetime of study; make the so called ‘paranormal’ normal

Julia from Slovakia #Emerges Proud to tell us about the transformative power of her ‘NOTE’

Wendy is KindaProud of the wisdom of her body following a near death experience

When Rohini had been squeezed under too much life pressure, it allowed her Star Self to be born

Take NOTE from Dave; the challenges of awakening

French Canadian Diane’s Kundalini awakening led her to shed her identity with her ‘mental illness’ label

Amanda is Kinda Proud that she learnt to connect to the true authentic expression of herself, and ‘BE’ it unapologetically.

Sabine from the Netherlands is Kinda Proud of how her shamanic calling has been her mental saviour

Jeannet from Cambridge, UK, is KindaProud of what her journey through NOTEs has taught her

Christina from Sydney, Australia, transforms her pain into her purpose via a journey to self- heal

Altazar’s life transformed the moment he decided he could no longer fit himself into the boxes of our ‘cultural matrix’

Mick from Norwich shares his experience of being a ‘Wounded transformer’ for our NOTEs book in the Kinda Proud series

Linda describes how her journey through confusion and chaos led to her finding the truth about who she is, and what gifts she has to offer the world as a result

It took a brush with death for Erica to truly embrace her life and her true Self

Magdalena has used her personal turmoil as a ‘wake- up’ compass to direct her life purpose

# Emerging Proud through disordered eating, body image and low-self-esteem

Introducing our KindaProud Rep for the #EmergingProud through disordered eating, body image and low self-esteem Pocket Book of Hope and Transformation.

Kathleen Donhardt #Emerges Proud to freely speak her beautifully real TRUTH

Serena from Norfolk tells us how it took coming close to death to #Emerge as a new woman

My story; Sally Collins from Swanton Morley, Nr Norwich

Kam is KindaProud that she overcame her eating disorder and now helps others

Jenny shares a bit more of her #emergence journey to integration

“When social judgement and expectations conflict with the call to authenticity, the result is suffering.” We couldn’t agree more Fran…

Shae from Hawaii now nourishes herself with Self- love

Rachel’s work helped her to really see the truth; “everybody’s body is different, unique – and beautiful. There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ body.”

Špela Kranjec from Slovenia is ‘Kinda Proud’ of her journey through anorexia

Silvia from Scotland now knows not to define herself by how much she weighs, but by what is on the inside

Katie is Kinda Proud of her Fight Club badges to BEAT disordered eating

Ari Snaevarsson, from Virginia, US, is Kinda Proud of his journey from bodybuilding to body-loving

Brave Becky is Kinda Proud of emerging through a history of bullying and self- harm

Ivy found the answers for her healing lay in the darkness, not in her appearance

Meanha from Norwich stands up against Islamaphobia as she #Emerges into her mission to be unapologetically herself

Denise is KindaProud that she was brave enough to look at the roots of her compulsive eating, and love herself enough to heal

Mel is KindaProud of how she travelled beyond her negative self-image to set herself free

Once a ‘victim’ to her scars, inspirational Sylvia is now a proud campaigner for body acceptance

It took Stella needing to ‘crack’ with a health crisis to value her body as her temple

#Emerging Proud through trauma and abuse

Introducing our KindaProud Rep for the #EmergingProud through Trauma and Abuse Pocket Book of Hope and Transformation

Introducing our KindaProud Creative Editor Book Rep!

Sue bravely shares her ‘blooming’ inspirational journey through trauma and abuse to spreading seeds of Warrior hope to others.

#EmergingProud through domestic abuse

Johnny is KindaProud that he was brave enough to ask for help, as talking has helped him onto his recovery journey

Abuse, spiritual emergence and mindfulness; John’s #mindfullyMad journey makes him KindaProud

Shannon is Kinda Proud that she has learned to accept her experiences enough to integrate and heal

Laura has the courage to say; we cannot pray away trauma, healing has to be holistic.

Denise shares how she has learned to relinquish control and embrace uncertainty, thanks to her adverse childhood experiences

Denise emerges proud through an abusive past to share her story for our KindaProud series

How can a crisis be a blessing? Catherine knows only too well how…

Claire’s KindaProud of thriving after refusing to be broken

Theresa emerges through a childhood of adversity to set herself on an incredible journey of discovering what it means to be truly human

Ty Faruki #Emerges Proud through racial abuse and the effects of being exposed to humanitarian conflict

Holly from Canada intuitively knew that what she’d been told was impossible, was possible. She’s now #EmergingProud to prove it!

It took Martha recognising the trauma contained in her disempowering experience to find compassion for herself and others

Peter from Norwich now looks back at his breakdown as the point at which he found his strength and re-claimed his soul.

Ana is KindaProud that she has used her life challenges to nurture her soul