The Emerging Kind Project description

MediumEmerging-Kind-Logo-with-STRAPLINE copyThe Emerging Kind Peer Group Facilitator (tEK PGF) Training Information

The Emerging Kind project is focused on setting up ‘Safe Space’ groups to support people in spiritual emergence. Peers who have been through what they perceive as their own spiritual emergence, are being trained as Peer Group Facilitators with the aim to set up local in- person groups where people can go to access support and to talk openly. The training of the first cohort of Peers was facilitated by ACISTE ( and seed- funded by the UK Charity, The Missing Kind ( whose work focuses on spreading Kindness; hence the name, The Emerging Kind!

tEK are now delivering our own UK training program which has been inspired by, and co – developed with ACISTE and Linda Allen of KindaListening.  tEK PGF’s will receive Kinda Listening training, as a foundation for the group facilitator skill set.


What is Kinda Listening?

The responsibility for healthy communication and connection lies within each of us to develop skills and capacity to support each other in our community.

Deep listening and empowering conversation training has been created by Linda Allen, to bring back and enhance these vital communication skills to improve our connection and wellbeing.

Kinda Listening training teaches skills in listening to ourselves and each other, so that we can create a ‘safe space within’ to empower us to have the strength to hold a safe space for others.

“Suicide is everybody’s business

and any one of us could have the opportunity to save a life”

Ruth Sutherland – Chief Executive of the Samaritans

Why become a tEK PGF?

By taking part and possibly becoming a trained tEK PGF, you will be helping to achieve the predicted outcomes for tEK project: social impact (aligned with the Objects of tMK)

·      Advancement of health / the saving of lives: Research into what is most important for people experiencing this awakening process and preventing associated distress, (including possible suicide), says that the most important interventions are reducing isolation and providing validation of personal experience; tEK aims to provide this to approx. 400 people internationally over the first year (average 10 people per Peer Support Group)

·      Empowering individuals to make a difference to people, planet and animals: Facilitating the development of compassionate, self- sufficient local support groups, spreading kindness and skill- sharing and seeding their own kindness projects in line with their unique passions

·      Increasing inclusivity and connectivity: Through introducing ‘The Emerging Kind’ to each other, in their geographical locations, to mobilise in- person connections irrespective of class, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or anything else that can lead to separation.

·      Education and Training: To develop awareness- raising opportunities, through learning and sharing information.

Expectations of you if you agree to take part: 

  • Complete the Kinda Listening pre- training webinar series and exercises.
  • Undergo a 14 session online training course in Peer Group Facilitation with our UK Trainer Linda Allen
  • Commit to take part in regular liaison with Katie Mottram to report progress and mutually organise a community screening of the #Emerging Proud film to initiate your support group post- training
  • Operate under the ethical guidelines of the KL+ tEK training
  • Commit to regular mentor sessions with Linda as required
  • Commit to setting up a self- sufficient regular Peer support group post- training in your local area.
  • Take part in evaluation questionnaires / blogs / video interviews

What you’ll receive in return for your commitment: 

  • Free Kinda Listening and Peer Group Facilitator Training
  • Becoming part of The Emerging Kind UK Peer network
  •  Free #Emerging Proud film screening brought to your local area to assist initiating your local support group
  • Free advertising for your local group on the Emerging Proud websites
  • Knowing that your kindness is potentially helping to reduce crisis or even save lives


Our Vision…

Communities where individuals feel empowered to share and

connect to support themselves and each other, to evolve wellbeing.

Our Mission…

Sharing of knowledge and enhancement of innate skills, so that

individuals feel supported and empowered to make a difference to

themselves and others; to ‘Emerge Kind’


CONNECTION – Connecting with Self and others is at the

heart of mental. emotional and spiritual health

CURIOSITY – Being curious about behaviour and narrative will

set the foundations for learning, growth and connection

COMMUNICATION – Listening and empowering conversation

enables connection, empathy, synergy, creativity and wellbeing

SHARING – Sharing knowledge and wisdom through

education, training, coaching and supervision to enhance skills

EMPOWERMENT – Empowering ourselves and others is key to

living our best life and co-creating sustainable communities

FLEXIBILITY – Responding effectively to new awareness and

information to maintain higher intentions

EVOLUTION – There is always something to learn from every

experience and every interaction – for raising consciousness

Are you interested in this amazing FREE opportunity to become part of The Emerging Kind global Peer network?

Please email: 

Including a statement to say why you feel you are the right person to join the Emerging Kind team of Peers, and you will be sent by email further details for the application process for the next available training.

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