The Emerging Kind Project description

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The Emerging Kind Project (tEK) Summary

tEK aims to provide certified Peer Facilitator training run by Elizabeth Sabet via ACISTE, to 40 Peers who identify as ‘The Emerging Kind’ (tEK) at an international level over the next year, with Phase 1 starting in August 2017 in the UK.

Each trained Peer will then be supported to organize a local Emerging Proud film screening with with a view to them initiating an ongoing self- sufficient Peer support group in their local area. Each support group will be provided with the KindaKafe (KK) business model with a longer- term aim of becoming a mini KindaKafe; a space for the local community to meet and share nourishment; physically, mentally and spiritually. Each KindaKafe will develop uniquely depending on the skills of the people who attend.

tMK charity runs a ‘KindaKafes’ in Norwich, UK which operates as a ‘pay-it-forwards’ with kindness type enterprise. ‘The Emerging Kind’ (tEK), aims to increase the number of KK’s globally by the local peer groups adopting that model; this can be as small as sharing tea in someone’s lounge on a regular basis, to opening a local coffee shop for a community activity hub.

The first stage of the project over the next 6 months will fund 20 Peers in the UK, and initiate a Crowdfunding campaign to roll the project out internationally until July 2018, when the social impact will be reported. All donations received will go via tMK charity and be ring- fenced specifically for tEK to continue.

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This proposed project will operate under and in-line with the umbrella charity of tMK, but will maintain autonomy of management and development, with regular activity reporting and financial transparency.

Might you be interested? Read on for further details and how to express your interest;

  • 40 Peers will be offered the opportunity to be funded to undertake ACISTE’s Peer facilitator training over a year in 2 stages; phase 1 will be 20 UK based Peers, then phase 2; 20 further international Peers
  • Following training, each Peer will then be supported to organise a free #EP film screening in their local area in order to attract groups of people who resonate with the message
  • The Peer facilitators will identify people who would like to be part of ongoing Peer support groups and initiate that, with the longer- term aim to become a mini ‘KindaKafe’ in their local area
  • The list of ACISTE trained facilitators will be listed on the ACISTE website, plus the local groups on; this website will have a dedicated ‘The Emerging Kind’ groups page, as will The Missing Kind charity website.
  • This opportunity will also enable the story- sharing blog and interviews to continue, with a view to further live events and possibly even another book and film!
  • Our main longer – term shared aim is having a mobile safe space welfare van that travels to offer awareness raising and crisis support at festivals and remote locations, where people find it difficult to access support – more on that in due course!


 Expectations of you if you would like to take part in The Emerging Kind project:

  • Identify as a Peer having been through a personal crisis and emerged transformed
  • Be integrated enough in your own experience to be able to hold space for a group where there may be difficult emotions triggered
  • Be motivated to create change for a more kind and compassionate world
  • Undergo a 12 session training course in Peer Facilitation with Elizabeth Sabet.
  • Commit to take part in regular liaison with myself to report progress and organize a community screening of the #EP film
  • Conduct your group under the ethical guidelines of the ACISTE training
  • Commit to regular supervision sessions with Elizabeth of ACISTE
  • Commit to setting up a self- sufficient regular Peer support group post- training in your local area, with the aim of becoming a KindaKafe
  • Take part in an evaluation at the end of the project and be willing to share your experience in a blog or video interview to help us with the impact report.

Are you still interested in this amazing FREE opportunity to become part of The Emerging Kind global Peer network?

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Including a statement to say why you feel you are the right person to join the Emerging Kind team of Peers, and you will be sent by email further details for the application process for training with ACISTE as the first step.

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