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Katie Mottram is an Author, Blogger, Speaker, Activist and Project Coordinator

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 As well as in her own book Mend The Gap, her personal story is featured in the 2016 publication by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Spirituality and Narrative in Psychiatric Practice: Stories of Mind and Soul. She has developed reputable links with leaders creating change in the mainstream mental health system in the UK and Internationally. Her work has been published in journals including Psychology Today and Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit magazine.

You can see a short video clip of her Peer story here from the CRAZYWISE film blog:

And a longer talk from the THRIVE2020 conference in Guernsey in 2016 here:

Mending the Gap to find happiness

She was one of the Founding Directors of the International Spiritual Emergence Network, providing a collaborative platform for the global networks that exist to support people going through the spiritual emergence process.

Katie initiated the project The Emerging Kind, a ‘Safe Sharing Spaces’ outcome of the Emerging Proud launch, which took place in 12 countries on the 12th May 2017. The question of the event asked: “What do we need to create a society in which it’s safe to talk about extreme human experiences?” The need for validation, safe spaces to openly talk and feel heard without fear, and support from Peers who understand what it feels like, were the key responses from all 12 countries.

Her latest project is the 4 Pocket Books of Hope and Transformation series; KindaProud

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