Would you like your artwork to feature on the front cover of a published book that will help give hope to people going through distressing times?

What picture do YOU feel would best portray the following book themes?…

#Emerging Proud through Suicide 

#Emerging Proud through NOTES (Non- Ordinary Transcendent Experiences)

# Emerging Proud through disordered eating, body image and low-self-esteem

#Emerging Proud through trauma and abuse

Submit your ideas HERE by 31st Oct 2018, and they will go to a public vote to decide on each cover design….If your artwork is chosen, you will be named as the Artist for the specific book on which it’s featured, and get to advertise your work for free! Good Luck! ❤

Art as medicine .jpg

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  1. Thank you for encouraging Artist who need some support like this and I would like to share my work of re cycling bronze and other non ferrous materials for the past 30 years.

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  2. Charlotte says:

    I am sorry to say this an unethical attempt at getting artists to work for free. As an artist of over 30 years I feel I have to call this out when I see it. It is not ok to ask artists to work put their work out and not get paid. I know this organisation represents really good ideas for supporting people but please dont do this by undermining artists because creativity is part of wellness and must not be reduced to a competition to get some free publicity.
    No doubt many artists will get involved to help a good cause but unfortunately this keeps the status of the arts low, expectations of artists low and ultimately limits the possibilities of what the arts can do and be. Sorry to say it but it needs to be said.


    • I’m sorry you see it this way Charlotte. I do understand that everyone needs to get paid, but people often also like to donate things / skills they can for free for a good cause also; it’s all a balance. This is a total not- for -profit project; everyone involved is a Volunteer, and all proceeds go towards buying books to help those in distress. The #EmergingProud film was made in the same way; only thanks to the time, art, music and dedication from all who donated does it exist. You are welcome to have an opinion, but I’d appreciate you checking out how things work before making accusations of me being unethical or undermining anyone – this is a totally voluntary opportunity (from which the Artist will get free advertising in return for their artwork in publications worldwide), so if you don’t wish to participate there is no need to! 🙂

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  3. nostalgicmetal says:

    As an artist and someone that has created a lot while Emerging Proud through Suicide. Thank you for the opportunity to make a submission of my art to the cover of your book and I do so with gratitude and hopes that what you’re doing reaches so many that need encouragement as they walk the path that so many of us have! Sending so much love to all of you on this endeavor! I see this as a beautiful thing!

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