Susannah emerges victorious from her triathlon in support of the Emerging Kind

We met Susannah Derrett at the Emerging Proud launch event in London on the 12th May. She was inspired to support our campaign, and pledged to raise money by dedicating herself to gruelling training over the next 4 months…


Susannah took part in the Brighton & Hove triathlon in Sept and raised £335 towards the Emerging Proud project; the Emerging Kind, to help fund international Peer group facilitators to be trained to hold safe spaces. 17 donors contributed towards her funds, as well as many of her colleagues at a charity lunch she organised. Unfortunately the cold sea got the better of her on the day of the triathlon, but she survived hyperthermia!


The Emerging Kind team and community are immensely grateful to Susannah for her incredible efforts and kindness; it’s thanks to the generosity and belief of people like Susannah that we are able to offer training to more volunteer Peers in early 2018.

If you’d like to donate to support our project and perhaps even help save someone from suicide, you can DONATE HERE.

Thank you Susannah; for emerging kind for us! ❤

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