Laura Hilsen is shining her inner light as she #EmergesProud today, but it wasn’t always that way…

Laura, from Georgia in the US, bravely shares her story from breakdown to breakthrough because she knows the importance of speaking out to give others who resonate with her journey HOPE. Laura says:


“I have always felt like something was missing from my life.  Life growing up was hard for me.  I was depressed throughout most of my childhood and teenage years.  I often felt that life lacked meaning and purpose, and I struggled with the notion that that was all there was.  Suffering without meaning or purpose was an intolerable idea to me, so intolerable in fact that many times I contemplated suicide.


The only thing that got me through it all was that somewhere inside I was convinced that life was meant to be more, so much more.  I just didn’t know how to get there.

I began doing deep inner work in 2009.  The deeper I went, the more I unearthed, and I eventually found myself in a “Dark Night of the Soul”.  This blackness hovered over me for more than two years until something profound happened to me in 2013.  I went to a week-long intensive workshop, by the end of which I began to see the world completely differently.  As I drove home from that retreat it seemed as if the whole world had changed and I was seeing it all with new eyes.  For the first time ever, the true nature of life opened itself up to me and I found myself in touch with a deeper meaning and purpose to life than I ever could have imagined existed.  This was an awakening in the most extreme of ways.  It was sudden, unexpected, and I was blown wide open.  For several weeks I remained in this state of openness as I marveled at all that was in the world around me that I just couldn’t see before.  I became aware of the Divine in all things, and of the interconnectedness of all things, as well as the universal love and support that runs through it all.  I received deep insights.  I became connected to synchronicities of unbelievable proportions.  I began to spontaneously burst into joyous tears , laughing and crying at the same time, simply overwhelmed with the joy, love, and peace that I had finally connected to.  I even began to perceive into the spirit world and other dimensions.  This is what life was meant to be.  It was there all along, and now I knew it at the deepest levels in my soul.

During this time I was also wildly ungrounded and had no idea what was happening.  I had never read about or heard of anything the likes of which I was experiencing.  I didn’t know what an awakening was, or a spiritual emergency, or even psychosis.  All I did know was that whatever I was experiencing, it was sacred, it was spiritual, and it would change my life forever, and it has.  I am so pleased to finally be #EMERGING PROUD with my story.  There are so many of us out there.  I hope you will be encouraged to emerge proud as well!”

Thank you Laura – we salute you! ❤

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Katie  ❤

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